The SuperMagnetMan, Mr. George, welcomes you to the wonderful world of magnets.

To Pay More for Super Magnets

Is Sheer Extravagance!


Check out some of the magnet videos I have posted on YouTube. This video demonstrates the power and speed

of these supermagnets. It also helps understand the safety concerns in dealing with large neodymium magnets.

Check out our new web site for students needing help on our FREE ACT Test Prep. ACT Test Preparation taught online in video clips that specifically answer each question on the practice test. This is ACT Test Prep that is just like getting one-on-one tutoring. Check it out or forward it to a friend preparing to tacke the ACT Test - Thanks

I have created what I am calling The SuperMagnetMan Magnet University. This is a page that has a lot of videos

that I am using to help everyone understand some of the fun and interesting aspects of magnets. Enjoy!

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Mr. George, The SuperMagnetMan, is delighted to bring you a wide range of neodymium iron boron "Super Magnets" at great prices for inventors, hobbyists, individuals, students, as well as businesses. I hope that you do great things with these magnets, or just have fun with them.

Ask about our new wedding rings - each ring is a real neodymium ring magnet. We now have wedding rings magnetized across the diameter as well as through the thickness. It may not seem like there would be much difference between the 2 but there is. Magnetizing across the diameter focuses the magnetism to 2 locations on the ring which makes it quite strong at those spots. Magnetizing through the thickness projects and even magnetic field that is in line with the finger.

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